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DBL STICK PLUS Disposable Electronic Cigarette > Plus version has more flavor, more smoke, and 7500 more puffs! Longer lasting and more smoke! Super selected 5 flavor set: (1) Mint Menthol, (2) Super Cool, (3) Blueberry, (4) Green Apple, (5) Orange

Smoke as good as a paper cigarette. Can be used with Plumtec capsules filled with tobacco leaves, so it delivers a strong kick that is unmatched by regular vapes! Non-smokers can also enjoy the mist without the capsule.

The secret of the great taste is to set the resistance of the coil to achieve the best balance between the amount of smoke and the smoking comfort, so that the liquid can be vaporized well and a delicious vape can be experienced with a good taste.

Easy and convenient operation. No maintenance or recharging is required. With its slim, stylish design and a size that fits in your hand, you can enjoy your e-cigarette smartly at any place.

Safety and peace of mind without passive smoking> The low-temperature heating system achieves an odorless level of tobacco smoke. The liquid is made from domestic ingredients, natural ingredients extracted from plants, zero nicotine, zero tar, and zero tobacco odor, so you can quit smoking safely and securely!


NICOCO has carefully selected a set of 5 popular flavors and convenient disposable electronic cigarettes (VAPE)! The abundant smoke volume and excellent smoking comfort make it perfect for a change of pace or daily refreshment. Recommended for those who want to enjoy a smoke explosion! Note: If the product is defective or you have any questions, please feel free to contact our after-sales service. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our after-sales service for a free replacement or refund, depending on the case.

Maximum of 7500 smokes One cigarette can be smoked about 1500 times, and a set of 5 cigarettes is equivalent to 37 packs of regular cigarettes. Perfect for those who want to save money on cigarettes! No maintenance is required with the built-in high-capacity battery and pre-filled with liquid.

The mint menthol flavor is a refreshing mint flavor with a slight bitterness and a refreshing taste. ★Iced cola: The taste of cola loved all over the world! Refreshing and carbonated, it will refresh your mind and body! Green Apple: Flavor with the rich taste of green apple and a refreshing aftertaste. Grapefruit: Realistic reproduction of grapefruit flavor with a refreshing sweet and sour taste and little bitterness. Pineapple and Coconut: Two different flavors of coconut and pineapple can be enjoyed.

Pocket size, easy to carry. The square stylish body prevents the e-cigarette from slipping out wherever you place it. It is compact and can be placed in your bag, pocket, or purse when you go out for everyday use without getting in the way.

Safe and healthy, support for smoking cessation】The ingredients are extracted from plants, and no toxic substances are used. No second-hand smoke and no smell of paper cigarettes. Please t


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